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Amarillo, TX

Best Mustard I've Ever Had.

"Best mustard I’ve ever had. Perfect balance of taste for whatever I decide to put it on. The spicy has a nice kick but keeps the excellent flavor."


Amarillo, TX

I Could Eat the Original Mustard with a SPOON!

I could eat the original mustard with a SPOON! My toddler especially loves it--her after-school snack request is always for more mustard and pretzels. We're big fans in our house.


New Hampshire


Sweeter than a straight Dijon, and enough texture to stand out in a ham sandwich. Delicious!

You Can't Go Wrong With this Mustard!

After we bought our first jar I came to appreciate the smoothness and subtle tang of this mustard with ending notes of heat. What started as a purchase on a whim turned into my go to mustard for snack dipping! You can’t go wrong with this mustard both the regular and with a kick are worth it. I now keep several jars stocked to ensure I never run out again.

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