Welcome to the Family

We wanted Sweet Jean's to be rooted in the love that we felt in our childhood years in Colorado.

The Story of Sweet Jean's

Sweet Jean's Pantry was born out of a desire to bring people together at the kitchen table.

In 1977, my mom Jean began making sweet mustard to give to family and friends during the holidays. 

We would all gather around the table to snack on apple slices, cheddar cheese, and her newest batch of homemade sweet mustard. :)

Now, after decades of these pantry favorites gifted around our Colorado hometown, I decided it was time for others to have a taste. 

Sweet Jean’s Pantry was born to spread the homemade love and care my mother put into each crafted treat, but with friends everywhere.

Meet Annie

"I never dreamed these recipes and treats I grew up loving would end up in new friends' kitchens all over the country.

I know they'll feel the love that my mom, Jean, has in every product they sample at the table surrounded by loved ones."

"Sweet Jean's Pantry allows me to create a company that makes a difference in the world, in how we create our products, value human and family connection, and inspire the best in those around us."

-Annie, Sweet Jean's Pantry Founder

Simple Ingredients, Stand-Out Flavor

Sweet Jean's Pantry uses simple ingredients that, when combined, feel like you’re tasting something new all over again.